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Why your digital offers may not be selling online.

Are you having a hard time selling your offers at the moment?

First of all, you’re not alone. BUT it’s likely not for the reasons that you THINK…

We, humans, are complex beings, and we generally go with the safest option at all times. We want to feel comfortable. Annnd guess what? That safe thing we do when we aren’t selling is usually to throw the blame onto things that distract away from us actually having to face our business and make any changes.

I bet you’re thinking this isn’t you?

Well, babe, if these things have ever crossed your mind, you’re trying to keep yourself safe:
“It’s the current looming recession, that’s why no one is buying”
“People don’t value what I’m offering anymore”
“I’m charging too much, I need to lower my prices”

PSA: It’s almost NEVER the price that is the issue.

People are spending $1916 on tickets to def leppard!! I don’t listen to def leppard, so you can see why this blows my mind. BUT my point, is that people ARE spending money. They just need to see the value in what they’re spending on. People are getting an experience when they go to a live show, they know what to expect: fun, exhilaration, community, memories, music.

I see similar mistakes alllll the time when it comes to selling offers online. If your offers currently aren’t selling it could be because:
* You’re currently targeting the wrong people (not clear on who actually needs & values your offers)
* You’re catering to too many needs (which means you’re spreading your message too thin, confusing and losing people)
* You’re focusing on your current/previous audience (thinking about who’s already there rather than strategising about who actually needs you/wants you)
* You haven’t crafted your own ideal client (which meant you’ve not spent the time to doing the strategy work you need for your business)
* You’re winging it and hoping for the best (you’re posting sporadically on socials with no proper plan, you’re flailing)

Are you making any of these mistakes? Do you want your dream clients/customers to notice you and feel magnetised to your brand? Do you want to sell your services with ease?

To do those things, first, you need to understand who they are so that you know what will make them magnetized by you. Then you need to make sure that you’re building relationships with them & keeping them engaged by showing up. It is so much easier to sell your offers to a magnetised & engaged crowd.

A simple place to start, which is where I begin both in my e-course and with my design clients is by figuring out your brand values, these are like the core of the business, and from there you can figure out who would resonate with these values, and how to get your brand to show up in the places that type of person would be hanging out.

If you’d like to expand on this and do some of your own brand values work, download my free brand values guide right here.

Want to go deeper? I offer a limited amount of Brand Evolution Workshops each month, taking business owners through my signature framework to get to the core of their Brand & start magnetising those dream clients.

Get in touch for more.

BIG love,
Sun Mother.

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