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Sun Mother

Sun Mother

How to get raving client testimonials for your website.

Well, if you are already booking clients, providing an incredible service, and hearing positive things about every project, it’s time to start collecting the social proof you need to move the needle in your business.

Raving fans are the ones who aren’t just satisfied with the results you provide as a service provider, but they’re thrilled! They’re over the moon, they’re blown out of the water with their end result or overall experience working with you. 

So how do we actually get these thrilled clients to scream it from the rooftops? We just need to ask! It is our job to make this whole process super simple for them, by simply asking, gently prompting them, providing a link, and, of course, thanking them for their efforts. 

Your business needs social proof as a solid marketing pillar to grow and attract more of the same dreamy clients that you love to work with. Your website, social channels, and emails, they should all showcase testimonials from raving fans so that others can see just how brilliant & valuable you are.

So, I’ve created not only an email script that you can action TODAY in your business, but also, a series of prompts to help your past clients, so that you can get testimonials from them that spell out the transformation that you provide.

Grab the free testimonial script here.

Now, go get it!

Big love,
Sun Mother.