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How Photography choices can make or break your website.

Did you know, that the way your products or your brand is displayed on your website can make or break your sales? ⁠

Product photography, or photography in general, can often be overlooked when it comes to building a business. Investing in professional photography, whether it be for products, or for yourself (if you’re a service-based provider) can make a dramatic impact on how engaging and professional not only your website looks in the end, but also how people engage with your brand in any form, on social media, your email footer, your print collateral – all of it.⁠

You could have the most beautiful branding & web design, an incredible user experience, great copy, and wonderful services to offer… but if there is no engaging photography to draw people in and connect with the audience, which highlights & enhances your product, or personalises you as a provider, you will certainly be losing some dream clients who are coming into contact with your brand.

If you’re reading this thinking “yeah, my photos aren’t great” or “I guess they’re kind of out of date”, then implore you to book a photographer ASAP. Professional photos are also the most incredible re-purposing tool ever! You will constantly have next-level content for your social media channels, website, blog, and anything you do in future for your business (ads, magazine features, podcast interviews, etc), they’re something that goes hand in hand with your branding style guide and help to set you up for success from the get-go.⁠

If you need a hand with product photography, we can help you out, just pop over to our contact page to send your enquiry. If you’re needing something other than product photography, and you aren’t local to Sun Mother, we also have a list of incredible photographers across the country. Just drop into our contact tab if you don’t know where to start, happy to chat anytime!⁠

Big love,
Sun Mother.