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Client Management Template


Are you feeling overwhelmed with the amount of time and energy it takes to keep track of your clients, packages, due dates, feedback + invoices?

Do you wish you had the extra time, but can’t comprehend spending hundreds on fancy software each year?

Well, you need this template. I have created the perfect tool for managing clients simply, easily, and with little to no cost, saving you HOURS of time.

Say goodbye to tracking and managing clients through social media or email threads. 

Doula Client Management Template Sun Mother Studio
Sun Mother Studio Client Management Tool for Doulas


Notion is a workspace tool that functions like an empty canvas. It lets you create to-do lists, advanced dashboards for client management, and so, so much more. 

You can use this template as is, or expand and create your own mega client portal system for your business.

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  • A PDF with links to your template + setup instructions
  • Setup Tutorial video for implementation 
  • An automatically generated client portal
  • Easy onboarding system for new clients
  • A client dashboard/tracker as an overview of your upcoming work
  • Feedback + Thank you Section for Offboarding


  • Client Questionnaire Template with prompts [including starter questions for Doula Clients]

Note: This template + Notion are completely free, but to invite multiple clients at a time, you may need to pay $4/month.