Sun Mother

Sun Mother

Stop using Linktree and start using your own website on social media.

Are you using your website to its full potential, or do you have a link-tree link in your bio?! 🙈⁠

Eeekk I know how triggering this may be for some people, I mean NO shade here, honestly. I just want what’s best for YOU and your business!

When you’re relying on Linktree to direct people to your website, your own personal traffic from Instagram is going to Linktree instead of DIRECTLY to your website. This is not good for your SEO, and it doesn’t look good either – now why would anyone want that?

Let’s fix it.

Do this with me:⁠
1. Go to your website (or ask your web dev to do this for you).⁠
2. Create a new page (but do not add this page to your primary navigation) and call it ‘links’.⁠
3. Design this page for mobile view⁠ – make it on brand, but simple⁠
5. Add in the links for the places that you would generally put in your linktree eg. shop, about, other social pages, mailing list form, blog, most recent articles or hot articles, e-books, etc.⁠
6. Check that it looks great.⁠
7. Paste the link into your instagram bio!⁠

Voila! ⁠

Now go and make yourself a cuppa to celebrate the small win.

Big love,
Sun Mother.