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How to write uncomplicated copy for your website: 6 tips.

I feel bad for words, they’re like the kid that never gets picked to be the lead dancer. The thing is, though, that kid is actually one of the most powerful dancers in the entire ensemble! I bet you you’re shocked, yeah?

Writing copy for your business is no easy task. In fact it’s one of the biggest pain points for many business owners, including me. I love words, language, reading and writing *funnily enough*, but when it comes to writing copy for our own businesses – we quite often get stuck either a) writing a whole load of long-winded drawl that no one needs to know, or – b) we hear crickets, there are no words at all. Sound familiar?

Now look, I am no professional copywriter (you can go to Naughty Nancy for that), but I do have a few words of wisdom when it comes to writing copy for your website!

Short, powerful, clear.
Websites are not what they once were. These days the noise online is LOUD. We are constantly looking at screens, and if your viewers can’t identify exactly what you do within the first few seconds of landing on your website, you lose them.

Tip 1: Stick to one single line of text on your landing page that sums up what you do and who you help – and then expand more as they scroll on.

Don’t ramble on too much.
People no longer treat websites like long-winded brochures. Nowadays, websites are for quick bites of information at a glance. People scan! They no longer read (sorry to break it to you). If you have long paragraphs of text, they simply aren’t being read.

Tip 2: Imagine you’re at a dinner party (remember those) – how would you talk about your business to a friend of a friend? How much detail would you go into it?

Don’t forget SEO
We still want to incorporate as much SEO (keywords) as possible – but without sounding like a robot! SEO will help your ideal clients and customers find your website when they search in Google or Bing.

Tip 3: Build a word bank – write down the key words & phrases that are important to your business & the search engine. Think, what words would people need to google to find me online. Spread these (naturally) throughout your website copy so that they show up multiple times.

Listen to your audience
If you’re not sure exactly what to say? Listen to what your ideal clients are saying online, or to YOU in their emails, comments, messages, questions, calls etc. What are they needing more information on? What are you not expressing properly on your website?

Tip 4: Try to offer up any information that people keep coming back to for, add this into your website copy naturally. Eg. What is your booking process? Make a section on your homepage simply outlining the booking process.

Keep culling!
If your visitors feel overwhelmed or confused, you lose them. We MUST be writing the SIMPLEST copy in order to get the messages we want to get across at lightning speed.

Tip 5: Once you think you’ve culled and edited your website copy enough, cull it again!

Add some sparkle
In saying that, we ALSO want it to be ON BRAND. Your brand has a voice just like it has an image, and if your copy is boring as cardboard, then no one will feel excited to buy from/work with you. Who is your audience?

Tip 6: Now that your copy is concise, to the point and clear as day, you can spend a bit of time sprinkling your brand personality through your copy! Make it shiny and engaging for your ideal client.

I hope these 6 simple tips help you to nail down your copy so that you can attract your dream clients with your website!

Good luck in your business, babe!

Big love,
Sun Mother.