We Are an Independent, Visionary Creative Studio For big-hearted, values-driven business owners. Fuelled by Coffee, Curiosity, Creativity.


The Studio

SUN MOTHER® Studio is an Independent Creative Studio, led by Amy Pearson.

Whether you’re searching for a team who:

  • Are experienced visionary creatives 
  • Understand the complexities of the *business hustle*
  • Fundamentally believe that business should be FUN
  • Have experienced the complicated-but-rewarding intersection of parenthood and business

Or, you’re simply looking for a new podcast to binge in the car – our studio exists for big-hearted, visionary, values-driven business owners.

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We take our work & coffee seriously, but never ourselves.

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We work with you to craft a unique Brand Galaxy®.  

We’re passionate about backing big hearted business owners so they can have FUN making MONEY in a business that gives them PURPOSE. 

We say a big N-O to: basic beige brands, straight-up copycats, overused tips, mean-girl culture, sly cold marketing DMs, and fluffy jargon that’s hard to understand`.

If you’re daring enough to resist the gravitational pull of your competitors with a brand that sets the standard in your industry –you’ve landed in the right space.

Welcome to Sun Mother Studio, where we work with you to effortlessly magnetise your dream clients into orbit.



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Kayla Pye

ABOUT: She’s the mum to one small person, with another on the way – Kayla was the first official staff member to join the SUN MOTHER team, and for good reason, too. Kayla has a tonne of experience in both starting + running businesses of her own, especially within the realm of social media marketing, digital marketing + websites. 

ROLE: Kayla is a whizz in the studio – she works on Website Development, Marketing Implementation + Design Tasks.

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Jamie Pearson

ABOUT: Dad to two humans and Husband to SUN MOTHER herself (Amy) – Jamie’s role at SUN MOTHER is ever evolving. Jamie is a Musician/Audio Engineer with a special skillset that take standard Podcast Conversations to top tier quality.

ROLE: Jamie is the master behind our custom theme tunes, podcast editing, production + planning what a guy!


Amy Pearson

Amy Pearson is the Force behind SUN MOTHER ®, Mother/Other Podcast, the mum of two humans, and – if you’re looking for an expert in building magnetic brands – she’s got your back.

Amy’s the creative strategist you’ll need in your corner when it comes to launching a new brand, evolving your *tired* brand, or building your Brand Galaxy™.

And if that wasn’t enough? She also sparks intentional conversations on her free podcast. Listen to BRAND Conversations now available on Apple Podcasts & Spotify.

Generous, honest, devoted to supporting women & mothers, and extremely gifted at latte art (we’re not joking), Amy is your go-to human for all-things brand building.

Put simply, she’s here to provide you (and your team, if you have one) with the stellar support you’re looking for.

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This is it!! Although I’ve always fantasized about being a food critic… and when I’m old, I’d love to write novels.

Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind – forever!

By Day: Oat Milk Cap.
Summer Nights: Pét-nat 
Winter Nights: Red wine, baby!

Olive oil, chocolate, pasta, anchovies, sourdough & salt.

I always want to cuddle my kids & dive into the Ocean (but not at the same time)!

Helen Garner, Maggie O’Farrell & Deborah Levy

I’m obsessed with vintage matchboxes, retro posters & signage, kids books, mid-century homes.