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Hello, I'm Amy!

Mother of all things Sun Mother Studio.

I graduated with a Design degree over 10 years ago, and I’ve been immersed in the creative industry my entire adult life. For me, this is heart-led work! I’m literally excited to get to my desk each day.

This Studio: Sun Mother was born shortly after the birth of my Son, who in turn made me a Mother. I created a role for myself that allowed me ample time at home with my family, whilst also fulfilling my desire to birth businesses & support other women to do the same. I am now a Mother of two, and a passionate creative, and I also host a Podcast called Mother/other.

Enough about me, what is YOUR story? I’d love to hear all about your business dreams and plans! Drop in and say hey on Instagram!

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This is it!! Though when I’m old, I’d love to be a novelist.

Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind – forever!

By Day: Oat Milk Cap.
Summer Nights: Pét-nat 
Winter Nights: Red wine, baby!

My kids, good food, the ocean, books, and stretching my creative muscle daily.

Dive into the Ocean!

Helen Garner & Deborah Levy

I host a podcast: Mother / other
Plus a new platform for Business owners & Dreamers: Birth My Business

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