This is SUCH a good question. We love to work with clients who feel a sense of purpose in their business and who believe in our creative vision & trust our expertise.
If you would like to book a discovery call and see if we’re the right fit, you can do that here – or you can learn a bit more about who we are here.

Sun Mother offers free 15 minute discovery calls to talk through your business/brand needs. You can ask any questions that haven’t been answered on our website or in our packages. You can book a time in here.

When you book one of our packages, you will receive a basic timeline which outlines our process, and what to expect. We keep our clients in the loop throughout the design & build process, and we are always contactable during business hours via email and pre-booked phone consults.

At Sun Mother we build our websites from a WordPress base. We believe in creating unique designs to suit the needs of each client and we always start from a blank canvas. We do not currently offer templates or duplicate sites.

We are currently shooting from our private studio, all products are shipped directly to us and we undertake these shoots solitary. The client is involved in the preparation and mood boards and we have a process in place to ensure our vision is clear before the shoot begins.

We have packages for each of our offerings: Branding Design, Photography and Web Design offerings, reach out to receive a copy here.

We only take on a small amount of jobs per month. To confirm your place in our calendar we require a 50% deposit upfront, followed by the final payment due prior to completion. We do offer payment plans, but the final payment is always due prior to completion. Reach out to find out if we are currently available for hire.

Of course! Once we’ve finished our build, we will link you to a client portal with some videos on how to navigate your website, post blogs & add items to your shop. You will also receive a website owners manual so that you can keep it up to scratch and maintain it properly (they’re like cars you know). We also offer hosting and maintenance packages, and have an hourly rate for post-launch website changes, training + support.

Anywhere from 4-12 weeks depending on the scope, the organisation of the client, the content provided, the branding and many other elements. Typically, for an average website you’re looking at around 6 weeks.