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Should you DIY your website?

Have you been considering bypassing a web designer/developer and just whipping up a website on your own? Is this a smart business move?

Websites can take a tonne of time and energy, so before diving in, have a think about these points below.

Let’s break it down!

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Do You have the Tech Skills?

Some people pick up new programs and skills easily, whilst others aren’t great with technology – and fair enough too! If you’re the latter of the two, I’d say DIYing probably isn’t for you. Technology is an ever-changing and growing beast, even the best of us need to keep ourselves in the loop to stay up to date to maintain a healthy website.

Do you have the Design Skills?

Now, I want you to seriously think about this one. Many people know what looks good and what doesn’t, but I truly believe that a good designer makes a huge impact on your business, including both your branding and website design. Consider hiring a professional for this point alone, as the design is something you don’t want to skimp on in when it comes to your business.

Do you have the Time?

It’s one thing to have the skills above, but if you aren’t already building websites regularly, it’s likely to take you a lot longer than it would a web designer, and all of that time could be spent in your actual business! I firmly believe in doing what you do best and hiring others to do the rest, as it frees you up to focus on your skills.

Do you want to be Unique?

You may have the skills and the time, but what platform are you building with? Most DIY sites (like Squarespace & Shopify) are made with templates, and if you don’t have the CSS skills to alter things, your website will most likely look like every other website out there. Hiring a designer who can design from scratch will ensure your website isn’t a cut-of-the-mill design so that you can stand out in your industry!

Do you understand SEO?

Part of your process when creating a website should be implementing best practice SEO. If you aren’t sure what this is, I have a blog post AND a free e-book about it. Sign up to the mailing list (link in bio) to grab your free SEO checklist.

It’s your decision!

If, after all of those points, you feel that can and should DIY your site, I say go for it!

Only hire a designer/developer if you truly think it’s for you.

Good luck in your business, friend.

Big love,
Sun Mother.

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