Sun Mother

Sun Mother

How to optimise your website for mobile.

I have something you need to hear…. here is one of THE most overlooked problems I see with DIY web designs. Given we design websites on desktop computers or laptops, it sometimes slips people’s minds to design for both desktop and mobile views (and don’t forget tablet, too).⁠

While you may find that you can create something nice in one format, once it’s flipped to the alternative layout, it can end up completely out of whack!⁠

Then you realise you need to spend HOURS re-designing it to suit both layouts. Not ideal… 🙃⁠

Over 50% of users won’t recommend your business if it’s not designed for mobile – that’s basically throwing away leads/customers before you even realise they’re there, yikes, that ain’t great marketing.

Take a second to think about the last 5 businesses you looked up a website for…. got them? OK, now, how many of those were on your phone?⁠ I’m going to say at LEAST half, right? That is, unless you spend all day on your computer.

Most web designers are aware of the importance of mobile view when it comes to designing a stunning, user-friendly website, so it is likely you won’t have this issue if you hire a professional (and if you do, then, they aren’t a professional).⁠

If you don’t hire a professional, try designing for mobile during your build, ensuring that each choice you make takes the alternative view into consideration.

There’s nothing worse than completing a build and then realising that the whole website looks completely wrong on a different device, but hopefully now that you’re aware of how important it is, you’ll take steps to ensure your website looks GREAT on both mobile AND desktop.⁠

Ok friend, that’s all for today.

Big love,
Sun Mother.