Ep25: B.U.G Breakthrough: Therapy, Branding & the Power of Play with Madeline from SIT WITH SELF

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Today’s guest is Madeline from SIT WITH SELF, who helps grown-up good girls access authenticity, flow, and balance in their lives. Madeline and Amy discuss the journey of Sit With Self, from the very early DIY stages to the place she is today, the pitfalls of people-pleasing, the pressures of starting a business while balancing family, and how Madeline’s engagement with Brand Universe Generator has helped her venture into the expertise and authenticity needed to attract her dream clients.

Ep24: GEORGIA PERRY: on Design, Identity, Illustration and Business through Motherhood


Today we are joined by the brilliantly vibrant artist and illustrator, Georgia Perry. Georgia shares the intersection of her personal life and parenting journey alongside managing a creative business.

Georgia speaks on her creative journey, beginning as a trained graphic designer, and moving into freelance illustration – now, Georgia works on Big Brand collaborations, from Clinique to KitKat. She also speaks to her journey through motherhood, and how that created a huge shift in both her personal and professional life. The conversation then blooms into an open discussion about societal norms, the challenges within parent roles, and the importance of resilience and adaptability in the freelance and business landscapes.

Join us as we explore how a bit of blind faith and tenacity have proven essential for Georgia’s freelance success – along with her skill and artistry, of course.

Find Georgia Perry Here:


Ep23: Embracing Women’s Moodiness with MOODE: A Prenatal Brand Revolutionising Women’s Health by Jess Rosenberg

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Today’s episode is a conversation heavy on Brand & Business building during Motherhood, with Jess Rosenberg from MOODE.

MOODE is a brand changing the reproductive health conversation. They make nutritionally formulated vitamins, host uncomfortable conversations, and provide maternal health education.

Amy & Jess discuss Jess’s home life as a Mum of 3, the balancing act of entrepreneurship with motherhood, and the dynamics of family support systems against the backdrop of starting a health business from scratch.

Jess’s story isn’t just about creating a product – it’s a narrative of education, and embracing womanhood in all its facets.

Ep22: Beyond Design: MORGAN RAPP on Solving Problems & Scaling Business whilst Prioritizing Family

morganrapp podcastep

In today’s episode of Brand Conversations, Amy speaks with Morgan Rapp. The designer, turned entrepreneur who scaled her business to 500k, all whilst raising 5 babies.

This conversation is BIG juicy, and brimming with valuable insights. Becoming an Entrepreneur, The Impact of Decreased Capacity, Ideal clients & solving problems, scaling business whilst prioritizing family, and SO much more.

Find Morgan here:

Ep21: Q&A: How Many Followers Do You Need Before Launching a Digital Offering?

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So you’ve got an idea, a service, or a digital product that you want to sell, ASAP. Do you really need thousands of followers before a launch is successful?

In today’s solo episode, Amy responds to that exact question: “Do I need a certain amount of followers before I launch a digital offering?” sent in by a listener, along with suggesting 4 things you can do to improve launching with a small audience.

Head to sunmotherstudio.com/launch to claim your FREE launch checklist today.

Ep20: BRIANA SOLER: Being Online as a Mature Millennial, Reading, Writing & Building a Personal Brand

brianasoler podcast

We’re kicking off 2024 with a different type of episode. Briana Soler is a writer, reader & photographer from Houston Texas. This conversation with Briana is all about building and harnessing a personal brand, being a millennial who grew up chronically online, finding community in the bookstagram world, finding joy in the mundane, and many other philosophical musings on life, the internet & books.

Ep18: The Creative Journey, Embracing Change, Intuition & Innovation with Packaging Designer JO CHUNYAN

jo chunyan

Today’s episode features the Brand Packaging expert, Jo Chunyan. Jo shares her experience of how a relationship breakdown in her early 20s led to her finding the Path of Creativity, how she decided to embrace change, tap into her Intuition & step into alignment with her life. This episode is incredibly inspirational but also informative – particularly if you’re a designer, or you have a brand, a business, or a product.

Ep17: 3 Key Things I’d Do if I was Starting My Business Again Today

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In celebration of SUN MOTHER Studio’s THIRD Birthday this week, Amy Pearson talks through three KEY things she would do if she were to start her business again today. This would be helpful for not only new business owners, but also business owners who are still fumbling their way through, without a clear vision, strategy or guide to get to where they want to be.

Ep16: Making Money, Changing Lives, and Neurodiversity with SEEDLING DIGITAL

nikki seedling digital

Today we FINALLY have Nikki on the show, one of Amy’s closest business friends. Nikki speaks about how she built her brand SEEDLING DIGITAL from scratch during maternity leave with her first baby after being made redundant from her corporate role. We speak about how Nikki makes money by changing lives, and how money mindset can effect us. She also graciously shares her journey of being diagnosed with autism and ADHD this year, and how that’s impacted her life and business. We speak on burnout, the signs, some coping mechanisms, and the importance of self-care for prevention.

My signature program, Birth My Business, is now open for enrollment.

Ep14: The rebrand journey of LITTLE YARROW: from hesitation and fear to relief & increased sales

kate harrison little yarrow

Today’s guest is a naturopath and ayurvedic postpartum doula, Kate Harrison, the owner of LITTLE YARROW. In this episode, Kate shares her experience rebranding her business with SUN MOTHER this year. There were many moments of hesitation and fear throughout this journey, which ultimately ended in complete relief and an increase in sales and engagement for her business.

Kate also speaks on her personal experiences, including struggles with infertility, miscarriages, and postnatal depression, which have fueled her passion to support and educate other mothers through her business, LITTLE YARROW.