Studio Day Dot

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“Thank you for your talent, patience and absolute devotion to your craft. You are SO good at what you do Amy. THANK YOU.”

Kin Postpartum

2023 05 14

Hannah reached out as she had outgrown her DIY Squarespace website and was ready for an upgrade. For Kin Postpartum, we created a custom website design & executed the development through Wordpress.

The Parent Policy

the parent policy the parent policy ig3

“I worked with Amy on brand strategy and direction. She did an amazing job and the outcome was so much better than I could have anticipated. The logo in itself is amazing but all the other collateral puts it all together. It has given the brand a vision and has also helped set the stage for a future website.”

Revolve Financial

iphone revolve socials 2

“Revolve Financial is a credit brokering service that grows with the client, helping them secure finance for their first home and beyond – to make people’s lives better financially.”

HOWL Magazine

phone mockup sq logos sun mother studio for howl magazine

“Sun Mother is a design witch! The interpretation of my vision for HOWL Magazine has been so spot on.”

Caitlin Bell Psychologist

caitlin bell sign logo mockup

“Amy created a beautiful and bold brand that perfectly represents myself. I came to her with a vague idea about how I wanted the branding to look/feel, and she took that and through her process crafted something so unique and special!”

Sit with Self

sws sign mockup sun mother studio

“I had a vision of what I wanted and Amy brought this to life with incredible skill and creativity. I felt so supported and heard through the whole process and couldn’t imagine a more aligned final product.”

Vaughne Geary

vaughne geary doula nauropath dropper logo sun mother studio

“It is SO beautiful. I couldn’t be happier with what Sun Mother Studio has created for me or recommend her talent & support more highly.”