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5 DIY branding mistakes & how to avoid them.

I know what it feels like to flail with your business branding. I’ve been there! I’ve launched far too many businesses in my lifetime to count, and with that comes much flailing. They weren’t always built on a solid foundation, because it took me a while to understand strategic & considered branding and how important it is for business. So I’ve written up 5 mistakes that you should avoid if you’re planning to DIY your business branding! I hope it helps.

Starting without a strategy

The word strategy is thrown around like confetti these days. Personally, I don’t think everything needs a strategy, but branding your business most certainly does. If you don’t have an understanding of your business values, purpose, and exactly who your ideal client is, how on earth will you know what kind of branding you need? This may come as a shock to you, but branding isn’t about you (eek, sorry!), it’s about who you want to attract, and this is one of the biggest mistakes made when it comes to branding a business. Starting with a solid strategy is how you figure out WHO the person is that you want to be attracted to your business.

Being tricked by trend

We all know what trend means, yeah? Essentially, trend means change! Do you want to brand your business in a way that separates you from the noise of your competitors, stand out and be unique? Well, you need to build your business on a solid foundation and create something unshakeable. Yes, your brand will shift and progress as time goes on, but you don’t want to feel like you’re out-of-date each time a new trend pops up. If you build your brand in an authentic way, that’s aligned to your values, with a strategy and an understanding of your place in the market, trends won’t phase you!

Fancy typefaces

Buying a fancy font, will not differentiate your business from your competitors (sorry!). This happens so much, and we end up seeing the same trendy typefaces across so many brands that you forget who is who (we want you to be memorable!). Designers may use fancy fonts too, but generally, we alter what we’re working with & conceptualise to create a brand with meaning. There is a lot more to branding design than fancy typography. Buy the fancy font if you love it, sure, but know why you’re using it, how it will look amongst your competitors, and whether it will stand the test of time (trend).

Colour confusion

Are you aware of colour psychology? Did you know that colour can trigger arousal states & emotions? Colour is a hugely important aspect of branding a business, as it can subconsciously impact how your brand is being perceived and who you are attracting. Eg. Red attracts the most attention and drives feelings of passion and urgency (hello fast food), Sun Mother’s branding embodies kindness & femininity, abundance & security, happiness & optimism. I may sound like a broken record, but understand your ideal clients, have a strategy, don’t follow trends & brainstorm what feelings you want your brand to embody.

Lack of consistency

Last but not least, inconsistencies in your branding! Don’t make this mistake. Presenting your brand consistently, not only on social media but on every platform and place where you are visible, can increase trust and therefore revenue. The easiest way to accomplish this is to have a solid branding foundation from the start: have a strategy, don’t follow trends, nail down your logo elements & typefaces, work out your colour palette and stick to it. If you hire a brand designer you will walk away with your very own branding guide to use for anything that comes up in future, and if you follow that guide, inconsistencies most likely won’t be an issue for you.

Have you made any of these mistakes before?

Don’t feel bad! It’s all a part of learning and growing in business. The good news is you’re here now, you’ve read this post, & you know how to do better for your audience.

Start with these 5 elements and you’re bound to be on the right track, and if you’re still not quite hitting the mark, talk to a professional (we’ve done this a few times before 😉)!

Whatever you choose to do, good luck in your business, friend!

Big love,
Sun Mother.